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The Third Degree

The Third Degree
A Brand new feature on the flag, we interview people that impact our sport in a postive and some in a not so postive way. From pioneers to those we might consider the enemy we'll do our best to cover em all.

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The Island Cup 2007 DVD

Blackflag4x4 films, CRAWL Magazine, North West Fab and Big Country Customs present the Island cup 2007 DVD. Available NOW!
Featuring the hardest grassroots offroad competition in the country! Awesome footage and kick ass tunes from
Unlabeled, Kincaid and Blackflag4x4 regular Dirt Fella!
Place your orders now!

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IC' 2007
The Island cup 2007, held May Long weekend was once again
a big success. Hosted at Sunny Dayz riverside camping and sponsored by our generous sponsors such as BCC, NWF and CRAWL magazine we were able to put on a very extreme and long weekend of offroad action. The trails were out of this world and the competition was stout.

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Calling all wheelers
If you haven't heard, a friend and member of our site has been involved in a serious accident this week. We ask that you take a moment to read the page linked here, and if nothing else send your positive thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.
If you are in a position to do more the links are provided!

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Moab "The Invasion"
Has been released on DVD and is available for purchase through the site. Some classic Blackflag4x4 moments in Moab Utah packed with killer wheelin' and lots of jokes. For more info visit the new blackflag video production site (coming soon) or email:

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Media Gallery

The new media gallery
Site updated to include the new media gallery.
The Gallery will play host to media from site users around the world. Content submitted by Blackflag4x4 readers and members.

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Island Cup 2006

Island Cup 2006
The first Island Cup 2006 was held over the May Long weekend.
Thanks to a great crew of drivers and their support teams,
an amazing group of event sponsors and a little luck
the first ever Island cup was a success.

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Uncle Jesse's Turbo BBQ

Propane injected 22R with a hint of Turbo
Maybe it's the driver?
Maybe it's the super cool wastegate sound?
Whatever it is we think Jesse Illot's set up is pretty sick.
(even if it does smell like a BBQ)

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